DuoLife Day and Night Set can be distinguished among the products of this type available on the market, because only this one makes use of its valuable properties all day long. Our body needs different types of ingredients and nutrients during the day, when it shows increased psychomotor activity, and slightly different ones during the evening and night, when individual processes are slower in order to give the body time for effective regeneration and reconstruction.

DuoLife Day is characterised by the content of ingredients responsible for the activation of psychomotorics. You can count on the supply of substances with a high nutritional effect which are essential for the proper functioning of every day.

DuoLife Night is based on natural ingredients that meet the expectations of all those who want a peaceful and regenerating sleep. For those who hope to regulate their metabolism, strengthen the organism and support the increase of natural immunity, and effectively purify the body at the same time.

DuoLife Day and Night Set is an extremely valuable source of flavonoids, many vitamins, macro- and micro-elements. The natural ingredients are characterised by their efficiency and a wide range of application. In addition, the supply of relevant substances in such quantities as necessary for the body to perform its daily cycle. There is no way to look for such a unique composition that would favour the work of the organism not only during the day, but also at night.


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DuoLife Day and Night Set

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