The hormone system, also referred to as the endocrine system, is responsible for maintaining internal balance of the body, homeostasis. It consist of the glands located in various parts of the body. They are responsible for the production and secretion of hormones regulating the function of the organs and the whole body. The endocrine system disorders cause the loss of homeostatic balance, which leads to a number of diseases. In order to support a proper function of the endocrine system and to control the processes that occur there, it is essential to provide substances which assist in the regulation of hormone secretion. The selected DuoLife products included in the Endocrine System Pack may ensure such effects.

Biological clock ENDOCRINE SYSTEM : 
8:00 – 25 ml of DuoLife Day before a meal 
8:30 – 1 capsule of ProRelaxin Medical Formula and 25 ml of Vita C 
10:00 – 20 ml of Chlorophyll DuoLife + 2 ProStik Medical Formula
14:00 – 5 ml of RegenOil Liquid Gold +1 capsule of ProRelaxin Medical Formula 
19:00 – 25 ml of DuoLife Night before a meal* 

The Pack includes: 
1pc. - Vita C (750 ml), 
1pc. - ProStik (60 capsules), 
1pc. - ProRelaxin (60 capsules), 
1pc. - Chlorophyll (750 ml), 
1pc. - DuoLife Day and Night (Day 750 ml + Night 750 ml), 
1pc. - RegenOil LiquidGold (250 ml) 

Do you need to know more ?

Hormones affect almost every physiological process. They are the kind of chemical signals responsible for transmitting information. The human body produces about 70 hormones which are able to signal for inflammation, reproduction, hunger, satiety, energy level, and almost any other function needed to survive. 
The main reasons of hormone disruption: 
1. Disruption to a normal biorhythm from inadequate rest. Too much time spent working with or using computers, smart phones, TV sets and exposure to any other form of electromagnetic field have an impact on a decrease in the level of progesterone. 
2. Consumption of the hormone-treated products, , for example eating dairy from cows injected with milk-stimulating substances (which is a legal practice in the USA, while banned in the UK, Europe and Canada). It affects the balance of sex hormones in your body. 
3. Excessive alcohol intake which harms the liver. It impairs the liver’s ability to break down and safely convert hormones, mainly estrogen and testosterone. 
4. Prescription medications, such as, oral contraceptive and hormone replacement therapy (HRT), can directly affect hormone production. 
5. Other pharmaceuticals affect hormones in the blood by inhibiting the liver’s ability to break them down. 
6. Groundwater contamination with birth control pills, preparations used in hormone replacement therapy and other prescription medicines. 
7. Nutrient deficiencies ,especially vitamin B6 and magnesium, which take part in metabolizing estrogen and other hormones in the liver. 
8. Excessive caloric intake causing excess body fat, whose results include a conversion of various steroids to estrogens. 
Chemicals known as xenobiotics or xenoestrogens found in plastics, pesticides, food additives, and many others common household products can trigger a change in the hormone level. Some of them promote the release of proinflammatory cytokins, such as tumor necrosis factor (TNF-α). 
Hormones secreted by thyroid gland (thyroxine, calcitonin and triiodothyronine) influence beauty and well-being. Thyroxine is important for the skin because it affects its nutrition by assisting with the subcutaneous fat formation. It also regulates the activity of sebaceous glands, leaving the skin tight and firm, and additionally, making your hair look shiny and silky. Calcitonin prevents calcium loss from the bones. Triiodothyronine boosts your metabolism, which helps to maintain your figure. Hyperthyroidism causes insomnia, excessive sweating, and heart palpitations; while the symptoms of hypothyroidism include: fatigue, increased sensitivity to cold, coarse and dry hair. It can be prevented by taking the right dietary supplements which support the endocrine system.



* The product should be taken before the evening meal. The proposed schedule gives the approximate time.

** Recommended period of supplementation: 3 months.

*** One pack, when used on a regular basis by one adult, is enough for about 1 month.

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