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Significant instances of energy loss, physical and psychological exhaustion, deterioration of condition.... These problems affect more and more students and professionally active people. Exposure to stress and environmental factors results in depleted energy. The selected DuoLife products included in the Energy Set allow you to provide your body with the most important nutrients that can boost your energy, and support the reduction of fatigue and elimination of exhaustion.

Biological clock ENERGY:
8:00 – 25 ml of DuoLife Day before a meal 
8:30 – 2 capsules of ProDeacid Medical Formula and 25 ml of Vita C 
10:00 – 25 ml of Aloe DuoLife + 20 ml of Chlorophyll DuoLife 
14:00 – 5 ml of RegenOil Liquid Gold 
19:00 – 25 ml of DuoLife Night before a meal * 

The Pack includes: 
1pc. - Vita C (750 ml), 
1pc. - Aloe (750 ml), 
1pc. - ProDeacid (60 capsules), 
1pc.- Chlorophyll (750 ml), 
1pc. - DuoLife Day and Night (Day 750 ml + Night 750 ml), 
1pc. – RegenOil LiquidGold (250 ml) 

Do you need to know more?

Tiredness and fatigue constantly accompanies a modern human being. Physical and mental exertion which exceeds the adaptive capacity of the body, cause permanent changes manifesting with the symptoms of chronic fatigue. This applies to very young and young learners and requires various preventive measures. 

Pathological fatigue results from a faster pace of life, which is connected with the type of lifestyle, health behavior, ways of coping with stress, workload and learning. Ever increasing educational requirements for children and the youth, constant stress related to the struggle to keep the job and reconcile family life and professional duties, increase the state of mental and physical exhaustion. More often, do we fall ill with chronic diseases whose secondary symptom is chronic fatigue. 

Exhaustion and lack of strength to deal with challenges of the everyday life are an increasingly common problem among professionally active people, and students. Enough energy to function and work every day? Yes, it's possible! In order to supplement the exhausting energy store, DuoLife products provide the body with necessary substances allowing to meet new challenges every day!



* The product should be taken before the evening meal. The proposed schedule gives the approximate time.

** Recommended period of supplementation: 3 months

*** One pack, when used on a regular basis by one adult, is enough for about 1 month.

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